Spiritual leadership can simply be defined as leading people into God’s purpose for their life. It’s about knowing where God wants people to be and using God’s method to get them there in reliance on God’s power. Today people are looking for spiritual leaders who can lead them into God’s purpose. Ideally, people will follow spiritual leaders who know how to lead them according to God’s agenda. Now how does one become a spiritual leader in the public sector, church, family, and the market place? This is an answer Dr. Elvis will provide as you get him on board in your organization. As a Bible Scholar, an Evangelist, and a Spiritual Leader in the market place, Dr. Elvis has been helping Christian leaders in the position of leadership to lead their people in God’s way. You can get Dr. Elvis to speak, coach, and give training on any of the following topics below:
Spirituality at Workplace
Marketplace Ministry: Reconnecting Souls to God
Servant Leadership
The Leading Shepherd in God’s House
Leading Like Jesus: The Leadership Style of Jesus
Doing Business God’s Way
Politics & Christianity: Understanding God’s Purpose & Getting Involved
God Is My CEO: Letting God Lead
Financial Leadership for God’s People
Leading your Own Business: Economic Empowerment for the Church
Apostles At Marketplace Leadership Toolkit

If you would like your organization or church to experience a turnaround through Dr. Elvis expertise, you can reach him for speaking engagements, trainings, one-on-one coaching, and consultancy by filling the form below and he will get back to you as soon as possible. For further enquiries, please call: +234 810 654 5127 or +234 817 123 5284.

Dr Elvis Ukpaka