Unleashing Your Potential


By: Elvis Ukpaka

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This book is specially designed to make you uncomfortable in your comfort zone, to stir you up to anger (not necessarily against others) and make you challenge the status quo, so you can refuse to remain in one spot. Enough of average mentality! “Unleashing your Potential” is written out of a deep desire to help you fulfill your personal destiny in life by enabling you to identify those talents, gifts, and abilities in you.

In this great book, you will learn:

  • About the treasure in you
  • The purpose of that treasure
  • How to discover that treasure
  • Nourishing your potential
  • Living your potential
  • How to deal with the hindrances on your way to fulfilling destiny
  • How to utilize your potential to the fullest
  • You are unstoppable no matter any setback


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