Beautiful Land



The moment a man says yes to Jesus by accepting Him as his Lord and Savior, he automatically becomes a brand new man. He will be translated from the pathway of death to life. The power of Satan over his life gets broken. All his past sins and shortcomings are forgiven. Why? It’s because a new thing has begun. As a matter of fact, he is like a new born baby who has no past, but present and a brand new future. This book is an invaluable asset that teaches you the impact

of Christ in the life of anyone who receives Him.
In this book you will learn:
Who you are in Christ
The benefits of being Born Again
Your Authority as a Believer
Your Responsibilities as a Believer
Your Role in the End-Time Harvest of Souls
How to be a Winner and remain at the Top
How to Run and Win the Race that is Set before You


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