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Dr. Elvis Ukpaka is a Leadership Expert. As a renowned Leadership Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, Dr. Elvis has helped transform the leadership direction for most corporate organizations, governmental bodies, churches, and individuals through his leadership empowerment programs. As a dedicated motivational speaker, Dr. Elvis has always been passionate about empowering people with a great sense of vision and purpose. He graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, with B.Com (Hons) Marketing - leaving an indelible mark at the university campus and its environs as an outstanding leader and motivator. Many of his leadership achievements can be researched on the World Wide Web by simply doing a search on his name.

Dr. Elvis also holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA; and Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, from Regent University in Virginia Beach, USA. He is the Lead Consultant at Visiondrivers Management Consulting, a leadership consulting firm based in Lagos. He is also the President of Visiondrivers Leadership Academy – a premier leadership institute poised with the vision to train and empower leaders in both public and private organizations to unleash and maximize their leadership potentials. Dr. Elvis is one of the Nigeria's leading Leadership Consultants and Coaches. He is a Certified Life Coach, from The Life Coach Institute, Florida, USA; He also holds a certificate in “Facilitation for Trainers”, from Leadership Strategies Inc., Atlanta, USA. Elvis has worked with various organizations such as banks, multi-nationals, small businesses, NGOs, and Government affiliates. He has spoken widely both home and abroad. His works, travels, and speaking engagements have taken him to places like South Africa, France, Canada, Swaziland and the United States.

As an author, Dr. Elvis has written four notable books, namely “Born To Lead, Unleashing Your Potential, 10 C’s of Personal Power, and The Motivational Devotion”. And also being a columnist on national dailies, his numerous articles include: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, The Managerial Leader, The Visionary Employee, Total leadership, Effective Time Management, Setting SMART Goals, Be A Servant Leader; Credible Leadership, Achieving Personal and Corporate Success; The Effective Manager; Employee Motivation In The Workplace, What Every Follower Want In A Leader, What Every Leader Want In A Follower, and many others.

Dr. Elvis is a chartered member of various professional bodies including: International Leadership Association, USA; Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM); National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN); Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria (ISMN); and Nigerian Institute for Training & Development (NITAD). As part of his contribution to social development, Dr. Elvis actively plays the role of a youth advocate, and has served various youth organizations and schools both home and abroad. He is the President of Youth With A Vision Foundation.

Dr. Elvis is also an Evangelist – he is the President of Changemakers for Christ – a global outreach ministry dedicated to reach out to souls for Christ. He is the Co-Founder of Executive Excellence Services; and a Field Rep. at Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Nigeria. He is happily married with children.

The moment a man says yes to Jesus by accepting Him as his Lord and Savior, he automatically becomes a brand new man. He will be translated from the pathway of death to life. The power of Satan over his life gets broken. All his past sins and shortcomings are forgiven. Why? It’s because a new thing has begun. As a matter of fact, he is like a new born baby who has no past, but present and a brand new future. This book is an invaluable asset that teaches you the impact

of Christ in the life of anyone who receives Him.
In this book you will learn:
Who you are in Christ
The benefits of being Born Again
Your Authority as a Believer
Your Responsibilities as a Believer
Your Role in the End-Time Harvest of Souls
How to be a Winner and remain at the Top
How to Run and Win the Race that is Set before You

Ten C’s of Personal Power is a power packed write-up designed to help you achieve personal and corporate success. It is creatively devised in such a way that each “C” is like a capsule that you can actually chew as a daily diet.

In this awesome book, you will learn:

How to stay focused in achieving your goals

How your “Major Definite Purpose” is tied to your success

How to maximize your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP)

The importance of self-discipline to achieving greatness

How to celebrate your life and stay joyful no matter the situation

This book is specially designed to make you uncomfortable in your comfort zone, to stir you up to anger (not necessarily against others) and make you challenge the status quo, so you can refuse to remain in one spot. Enough of average mentality! “Unleashing your Potential” is written out of a deep desire to help you fulfill your personal destiny in life by enabling you to identify those talents, gifts, and abilities in you.

In this great book, you will learn:

  • About the treasure in you
  • The purpose of that treasure
  • How to discover that treasure
  • Nourishing your potential
  • Living your potential
  • How to deal with the hindrances on your way to fulfilling destiny
  • How to utilize your potential to the fullest
  • You are unstoppable no matter any setback

The word leadership has become a buzzword in our society today. Everywhere you go you see people talk about it, mostly related to the government and the people in power. Unknowingly, there is more to leadership than what most people think. This particular book is designed to give you a clearer exposition and understanding on the subject of leadership. It is tailored to help you locate where you fit in as a leader, your call in life, and your role in nation building. It is transformational in the sense that it will help you unlock the hidden leadership potential in you in whatever field you find yourself. It will also help you unleash some vital keys that will enable you discover your field of competence, where you can operate and make positive impact in the society. It is time to look inward to really discover the latent talents buried on the inside of you that has been waiting for long.

In this book we shall address issues like:

  • Who is a leader? What makes a leader?
  • How do I become a leader in my field?
  • How do I locate my field of competence so I can stay at the cutting edge?
  • Are there certain qualities I need to possess to truly manifest my leadership potential?
  • Am I a leader?
  • Are leaders born?

All these and many others shall be explored in detail in this great book.