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Public Leadership

As the saying goes, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. Nations rise and fall according to the effectiveness of their government. Public Leadership is defined as “the inspiration and mobilization of leaders in government to undertake collective action in pursuit of the common good for the betterment of all in the society.” Today’s leaders in government need to be properly trained on the principles of leadership and effective governance to be able to achieve their goals. As a doctor of strategic leadership, expert in public leadership, and with hands-on experience on effective governance, Dr. Elvis Ukpaka is equipped with what it takes to empower today’s leaders in government through his customized leadership programs.

Dr. Elvis will be available to speak, train, and coach today’s leaders in government on any of the following topics:

  • Leadership Vision: Developing and Communicating the Vision
  • High Impact Leadership: Driving Government Performance
  • Executive Leadership Development for Public Managers
  • The Leadership Challenge: Solving The Puzzle
  • Coaching Skills for Public Managers
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence As A Public Leader
  • Leading Your Time: Effective Time Management And Goal Setting
  • Undetached Leadership: Taking The Masses Along As Elected Leaders
  • Think, Communicate, and Motivate Like A Leader
  • Leadership Transition: The Power of Succession Planning
  • Leading Yourself: Personal Effectiveness for Government Leaders
  • Local Government Chairman Leadership Development Program
  • Leading As A Team: How To Carry Everyone In The Team Along
  • Legislative Leadership For Senators, House of Reps Members, and State Legislators

If you would like to experience a total turnaround through Dr. Elvis expertise, you can reach him for speaking engagements, trainings, one-on-one coaching, and consultancy by filling the form below and he will get back to you as soon as possible. For further enquiries, please call: +234 810 654 5127 or +234 817 123 5284