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Knowing When To Quit

Friends, greetings in Jesus Name! Today, I will be sharing with you on what I title, "Knowing When To Quit". There is a saying that, "Winners Don't Quit, and Quitters Don't Win". It is expedient to know the context in which that adage applies. Generally, we are not to quit in life. God expects his children to persevere and be courageous without quitting no matter what. But on the other hand, wisdom demands that you should know when to quit certain things that are not adding value to your life. Well, those things may have added value at some point in time, but now it has become a burden rather than a blessing. Take for example, you're working in a company where you don't feel fulfilled any longer. Waking up each day to go to work has become a burden. You discover there is no passion any longer to go to that environment. The mere thinking of that office or workplace gives you headache. Each time you're out of that office environment your joy is full. If this typically explains your situation at the moment, you definitely need to conduct a thorough self-audit – seek the face of the Lord – and then make a tough decision to either quit or continue to stay.

Really, this stage is what I call the T-Junction of life, where you decide to either go to the right or left. Unfortunately, a lot of people are in this place, and they are facing serious dilemma to continue or quit. As a child of God, the Lord takes us through different stages in life. One real danger facing many believers today is the challenge of not knowing God's program for their lives. Some are in a hurry to quit the stage they are in right now, while others overstay in a particular stage of their life. These second group are the ones I am addressing today. We shall look at the first group – those who are always in a hurry to quit without going through the process – in my next write up. Now, you should know when a particular stage is over so you can move to the next phase of your life. I am sorry to say that I have seen some people, highly gifted and talented, but still stuck in a particular phase they ought to have passed long ago. Really, they have overgrown the stage which they are in, but seem not to notice it. Some have overstayed in an institution, to the extent that the institution or organization has outgrown them, and they do not fit in any longer. Unfortunately, they allow the law of diminishing returns to catch up with them because they didn't know when to quit at the time ovation was loudest.

As a life coach, there are seven key indicators I normally use when having one-on-one coaching sessions with individuals wanting to make a career move. Usually, if you are working in an organisation, there are seven signs you should consider before quitting, and they include: Burn out (always weak, exhausted, and sick), No passion (it was there before but now gone), Terrible pay (your take home pay can’t carry you through the month), No Time for self (you hardly get a break from work), Exploited (you feel being used like a donkey), Under-utilized (you have so much talent & energy but dormant), and finally being Miserable (you see no hope for a better future there). Ladies and gentlemen, God has a divine program for each and every one of us. At the time he wants you to move on to the next stage and you are not co-operating, then He might stir up the water to make life uncomfortable for you in that environment. He does it because He loves you. And if you are wise at that moment, that's the most appropriate time to seek His face and get His next direction for your life. I pray you will not miss it. You shall always make the right move – at the right time – in Jesus Name. See you at the Top! You are Blessed! Have a fantastic week. With love, Elvis!

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