Apr 23, 2019 Last Updated 7:58 AM, Apr 22, 2019

Stir Up The Gifts That Is In YOU

Friends, greetings in Jesus Name! Today I will be sharing with you on what I title, “Stir Up The Gifts That Is In YOU”. Many people today are suffering because they have pitched their tent in a wrong place. In other words, they are square pegs trying to fit into a round hole. Usually, I call it a misplacement of destiny. The sufferings of man end the day he realizes who he is and what he is called to do here on earth. You see, there five questions of life you must answer, and they include: Who Am I (Question of Identity); Where Am I From (Question of Origin); Why Am I Here (Question of Purpose); What Can I Do (Question of Talents); and Where Am I Going (Question of Destiny). How well you answer these questions will determine how successful you will be in life.

Presently, we can see the harsh economic condition many countries are facing. Today, nations are saddled with barrage of problems they have never imagined. Nigeria isn’t spared either. Our economy hasn’t been in good shape in recent times. A great number of workers are being laid off from their jobs, youth unemployment on the high side, political turmoil, ethnic and religious clashes daring at us. As such, things are becoming tighter for many homes as feeding and meeting other family needs has become a huge challenge. It pains me each time I hear on the news about families sending their teenage girls into prostitutions in order to make ends meet. But Daniel 11:32 says, “The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” In other words, as believers who know their God, doing exploits should become our daily lifestyle even at times of economic hardship.

We saw such exploits in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Genesis 12, 26). As a matter of fact, the Bible says that “In famine we shall be satisfied” (Psalm 37:19). But what most people fail to understand is that doing exploits for God is first and foremost, knowing where He has graced and gifted you to perform. If you do a thousand things but fail to do the one thing that God has called and gifted you to do in life, you will not fulfill purpose. Matthew 25:15 says, “And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability”. A major challenge with many people today is not whether they are gifted or not. It is discovering their area of talents and unleashing it. And there are others who know their area of talents but are afraid to launch forth. They bury their talent like the unjust steward who buried the talent God gave to him (Matt.25). These are the people doing a job that they hate, but know the right thing to do, but unlike Peter, they are afraid to jump out of their boat of affliction. Usually, your gifts and talents go in line with your purpose in life. Unleashing it indicates to you where your destiny is headed.

I remember after my NYSC years ago, I was trapped doing a job I didn’t like. I knew there was something bigger for me. One day I summoned courage, and tendered my resignation letter to the company. That was it! Then I launch out to what I am doing today – writing, speaking, training, coaching, consulting, motivating and empowering people. Then I realized it is in line with God’s calling upon my life as a preacher. Really, I discovered I derive so much joy and fulfillment doing what I do because I am in the area where God has gifted me to do exploits for His kingdom. You can’t unleash your potential and go unnoticed in life. Why? It is because “A man's gifts makes room for him, and brings him before great men” (Prov. 18:16). Ask yourself: What gift or talent has God given me? What is my passion? What do I derive pleasure in doing? Is it singing, artistic, teaching as in education, pastoral call to ministry, politics, business, etc. Never forget, “Stir up the gift of God that is in you” (2 Tim. 1:6). It’s a COMMAND. When you Obey, you will see how it leads to opening other great doors for you. Your gift is something you need to discover, develop, and activate into use. No one except you can activate it. Remember, “The whole world awaits your manifestation as a child of God” (Rom. 8:19). It's your Time...so Get Unleashed! You’re BLESSED. With love, Elvis!