Dec 17, 2018 Last Updated 8:50 AM, Dec 10, 2018

Fear Not & Stand Still

Friends, greetings in Jesus Name! Today I will be focusing on what I title, “Fear Not & Stand Still”. If I may ask: What would you do when before you and behind you there is trouble. Really, the natural instinct at this moment is to be afraid. This was exactly where the children of Israel found themselves when they left Egypt. Pharaoh became very angry and regretted why he let them go from his slave camp. Then he decided to pursue after them with the intent to harm them. Now when the Israelites looked back, they saw the Egyptians marching towards them, and in front of them was the Red Sea. At this point they became very afraid. They began to berate Moses for taking them away from Egypt. They told Moses it would have been better to die as slaves in Egypt than to die in the wilderness. Apparently they lost hope in God. This is what happens when you allow fear into your life. What they were actually saying was that their problem was bigger than God. In the midst of all this hopelessness, Moses was not deterred about God’s ability to deliver. Then Moses said to them, “Fear not, stand still; and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will show to you today” (Exd.14:13). Like they say, “Problems are the price of progress. Adversity has advantage”. God allows problems in our lives for a reason. The problems you are facing right now are not meant to swallow you but to strengthen you. Listen, when God gives you a word and say Go, He has seen the end from the beginning. He knows the Pharaoh and the Red Sea you will encounter on the way. And He also knows you will Triumph and be Victorious. Hallelujah! Therefore, your life challenges are never a surprise to God. He said to Joshua, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Joshua 1:5). He is right there with you in the midst of the Storm. But unfortunately, many focus so much on their problem that they forget the one bigger than the problem. Remember, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). God expects you to see more of Him in your challenges. When you do, you magnify Him and expedite His Mighty Hand to Save. “For the LORD’s hand is not short that it cannot save” (Isaiah 59:1). Hear me, it doesn’t matter what it is that you are going through. What matters is your focus in God. If you focus on the problems, it will overwhelm and overtake you. The choice is yours! Never forget, “For God has not given you the spirit of Fear; but of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind” (2 Tim.1:7). Therefore, arise each day declaring the promises and blessings of God upon your life and family (Deut.28:1-14; Num.6:24-26). When problems knocks at your door, just give a shout of victory. Why? It’s because your promotion time has come. For every challenge you face and overcome, you step up higher in life. You’re a Winner. Have a fulfilled Week. With love, Elvis!